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My name is Andrew Moir.

I am a documentary filmmaker.

I also produce fiction films.

I live in Toronto.

Here are my documentaries:


Following the final days of a young woman’s relationship with her husband,     

Don’t Come Searching is an intimate rendering of mortality that asks if losing someone makes us stronger. 73 mins.

World Premiere at Hot Docs Documentary Film Festival 2022. 


Currently in festival circulation.

“A moving portrait of a resilient, contemporary Jamaican woman, determined to find her own way in life.” - Aisha Jamal, Hot Docs

“A film about what it means to let go and move forward.” - Pat Mullen, POV Magazine

"It's so easy for us to judge someone based on our own reality, but what if we dared to meet them where they stand?” - Producer Michelle Serieux for CBC

“A stunning look at love and death…Don't Come Searching is a simple, yet heart-wrenching love story.” - Jackson Weaver & Teghan Beaudette, CBC

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